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The Best Alternative Dates to get Married in 2022

Updated: May 17

Choosing a wedding date can sometimes be a difficult decision - there's so much to consider and you're never going to please everyone. Due to covid restrictions many engaged couples have had the added struggle of having to delay booking their wedding or, even worse, cancel their initial date. For those currently in this state of limbo, I have compiled a number of dates for you to consider for 2022 so you can get married sooner rather than much much later. Let me know what you think!

Alternative Dates to get Married

1. Thursday 2nd June or Friday 3rd June

Odd choices for the number one slot but with the Covid-19 daily coverage many people might have missed the news that there’ll be a 4 day weekend at the start of June 2022 to celebrate the queen’s platinum jubilee. That’s right, Lizzy has played the game of thrones for 70 years so the government has given us plebs a few extra days off.

Having a midweek Wedding often comes with the disappointment that special friends or family cannot attend due to work commitments. However, these dates provide a unique opportunity that not only resolves that issue but also allows you to continue celebrating for a few extra days too.

Many venues may still have these dates available so get booking quickly to take advantage & have the summer wedding you’ve always dreamed of!

Alternative Dates to get Married Carrickdale wedding

2. Saturday 30th April

The majority of venues consider May to August as their peak season, and this is reflected in their prices. This date not only offers you the possibility of saving a few quid but also a higher chance of getting some decent weather.

Alternative Dates to get Married donegal wedding

3. Saturday 28th of May

Irish weather is as predictable as the Grand National but if I were a betting man I’d put my money on this date being a scorcher. Brides & grooms that want blue skies, sunglasses and ice cream should consider booking this date - us poor photographers will be left scratching our heads looking for nice shaded areas for portraits but you’ll be too busy soaking in the day to let that bother you.

I’ve probably jinxed this day’ll pour down from the heavens.

Alternative Dates to get Married new years eve

4. Easter Monday 18th April

As any wedded person will tell you, your annual leave gets battered the year you get married. Getting married on a bank holiday, particularly Easter Monday is a nice break from the norm and guests will be up for a party as licensing laws on the Fri/Sat/Sun rule out late-night shenanigans over the weekend.

Alternative Dates to get Married bank holiday

5. Saturday 31st December

A New Year’s Eve wedding can be cosy, romantic and just what’s needed to inject a real sense of excitement over the Christmas holidays. What better way to wake up at the beginning of a new year than being a newly married couple - with all the stress of organising a wedding finally OVER! Let the honeymoon commence!

Alternative Dates to get Married for Belfast weddings

This blog was written by Eamonn of Treasure Box Photography. If you still need a Wedding Photographer for your day get in touch!

I've made a few enquiries and Northern Irish venues that have some availability on these dates include: The Beech Hill Country House, Ten Square, Lusty Beg Island Resort, Drenagh House, The Royal Court and The Loughshore Hotel.

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