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Northern Ireland Wedding Venues

The Ultimate List of 100+ Wedding Venues in Northern Ireland

I'm Eamonn McColgan, a creative wedding photographer at Treasure Box Photography, and I'm thrilled to share my ultimate guide to over 100 breathtaking wedding venues in Northern Ireland for your 2024-2025 celebration!


Whether you crave a fairytale Irish castle escape, a chic city soirée, or a rustic countryside romance, Northern Ireland offer venues to match your every dream.

From charming boutique hotels to sprawling castle estates, intimate pubs to historic mansions, this curated list caters to every style and budget. Let me, Eamonn, your photographer confidante, guide you through this treasure trove of possibilities. Choosing the perfect venue can feel overwhelming, right? That's where I come in! As a wedding photographer, I've captured countless love stories in diverse settings. I understand how lighting, scenery, and ambiance can elevate your celebration.

Luxury Wedding Venues

Luxury Northern Ireland WeddingVenues

Luxury estates offer a world of possibilities for your dream Irish wedding. Imagine an entire domain just for you, where every corner whispers elegance and romance. Explore historic buildings with their timeless charm, meander through private gardens bursting with vibrant scents, and lose yourselves in the magic of nature. Picture stunning photos beneath ancient trees, laughter echoing in charming courtyards, and sunset hues painting the serene lakes that grace these exclusive havens.

As a wedding photographer, I've witnessed countless love stories unfold within the grand walls of countless estates. While each boasts its own unique character, some hold a special place in my heart.

Castle Leslie: Here, sprawling gardens embrace a captivating lake, forming a picture-perfect backdrop for your vows. Imagine your guests basking in the courtyard sun, then gathering for a vibrant sunset celebration bathed in the lake's golden glow. (Fun fact: this magical lake holds a secret close to my heart – it's where I proposed to my wife!)

Montalto: This private jewel offers more than just breathtaking views. Its intimate house and wedding room exude warmth and country charm, while the gourmet food promises to tantalize your guests' palates. A private lake whispers its secrets, and a friendly caddy awaits to whisk you away for picture-perfect moments. Wander along tranquil trails, soaking in the estate's rich history, and gather by the lake as the setting sun paints the sky in fiery hues.

Castle Estate Wedding Venues in Northern Ireland

Castle Estate Wedding Venues in Northern Ireland

Castle estates beckon with sprawling grounds, grand ballrooms, and fairytale charm. Lissanoure unfolds a tapestry of choices: rustic barns, elegant coach houses, or open-air vows beneath the castle's watchful gaze. Log fires crackle, exposed brick whispers history, and a picturesque courtyard invites your celebration under the stars.


Galgorm Castle, a haven of luxury, offers emerald landscapes for picture-perfect memories. Choose from intimate walled gardens, grand rooms, or a marquee dancing in the breeze. The Emerald Isle and its northern neighbor whisper with stories of ancient lords and romantic escapes.


Explore Ballygally's cliffside perch, Glenarm's hidden gardens, or Lough Eske's shimmering embrace. Let history unfold at Belle Isle, unleash your inner explorer at Darver, or bask in regal grandeur at Hillsborough. Castle Leslie, with its captivating lake, holds a special magic, waiting to be discovered.

Unique and Quirky Wedding Venues

Unique and Quirky Weding Venues in Nothern Ireland

Let's talk quirky! Your wedding deserves an unforgettable setting, not just another pretty backdrop. Enter the realm of unique venues – those unexpected gems that spark joy, fuel laughter, and make your photos pop like fireworks.

Think Mount Druid, a 100-acre wonderland with boathouses, barns, and a tin chapel adorned with origami birds. Picture boho vibes, delicious country fare, and dramatic lighting that sculpts your wedding gallery into a masterpiece. Or imagine saying "I do" at the Old Rectory in Killyman, an 18th-century estate where history whispers in the refurbished barn and vast grounds. Every corner begs for a photo, every moment promises to be etched in your memory.

And the list goes on! The Wool Tower, a whimsical beacon overlooking the sea. Breckenhill Barn, rustic charm with a twinkle of whimsy. Finnebrogue Woods, a fairytale come alive under ancient trees. Mussenden Temple, a Grecian gem perched on a cliff. Dark Hedges, a tunnel of enchanting trees straight out of a fantasy novel.

These are just whispers, glimpses into a world of endless possibilities. You can hire a field and crown it with a Magnakata tepee, or dance under the stars with a Maverick marquee. The Ulster Folk & Transport Museum? Why not! Rowallane Gardens? Absolutely! Lime Park Arts & Cottages? A bohemian dream come true!

So, stop scrolling through generic venues. Embrace the quirky, the unexpected, the unique.

WeddingVenues wit View
Intimate and Small Wedding Venues

Intimate and Small Wedding Venues

A snug gathering where love takes centre stage. In these medium to small Northern Ireland wedding venues, your closest kin and dearest friends aren't swallowed by the space, but cocooned in it, creating a warmth that amplifies every laugh and every teardrop.

Picture Tullyveery House, a Georgian gem nestled in the emerald folds of County Down. Imagine it as a blank canvas, primed for your dream hues. Choose your own caterers, your own band, your own tapestry of laughter and love. This is your bespoke world, cradled by the Mourne Mountains, where only the most treasured are invited to witness your vows.

Or perhaps Kilmore Country House whispers to your soul. Imagine crackling fires warming a boutique haven, where you're greeted by smiles as genuine as the open flames. This versatile haven tailors itself to your desires, be it an intimate gathering or a slightly larger soiree. Let them orchestrate your culinary dance, your musical backdrop, your entire wedding symphony. In this stunning setting, love finds its perfect echo, resonating through laughter and whispered promises.

So, forget the echoing halls and vast gardens. Seek solace in the intimacy, the warmth, the whispered magic of a small wedding venue. Let your love story unfold in a space that mirrors its depth, where every beat of your heart resonates with the joy of those closest to you.

Wedding Venues With a View

For a wedding venue with a view that will take your breath away, look no further than Orange Tree House. Nestled on the shores of Strangford Lough, this unique location embraces a "your wedding, your way" philosophy. Imagine exchanging vows on a raised terrace overlooking the sparkling lough, followed by relaxed moments with guests while you all admire the stunning scenery.

But if an intimate and secluded escape is your dream, then consider the enchanting Lusty Beg Island. This private island offers a tranquil setting for a truly unforgettable wedding. The incredible scenery surrounding the island creates a dramatic backdrop for your outdoor photos, ensuring memories that will last a lifetime.

Beyond the shores, Slieve Donard Resort and Spa boasts a stunning location leading directly to a beach. Here, you'll be surrounded by the magnificent Mourne Mountains, providing a breathtaking panorama for your special day.

For a taste of Ireland's natural beauty with a touch of urban flair, head to Lough Erne Resort. This luxurious escape offers 360-degree views of Lower Lough Erne and Castle Hume Lough, guaranteeing a picture-perfect setting for every moment.

And lastly, if you crave a city backdrop, The Grand Central Hotel in Belfast offers a rooftop lounge with panoramic views of the city hall and inner city. This unique venue allows you to combine stunning scenery with the vibrant energy of Belfast.

Bride and Groom at scenic wedding venue

Popular Wedding Venues

Popular Weding Venue

Seeking a classic and well-regarded venue for your special day? Northern Ireland boasts a variety of stunning locations perfect for your dream wedding.

Unwind in opulence at Galgorm Spa & Golf Resort, where luxury and elegance set the stage for a truly unforgettable celebration. Imagine capturing precious memories amidst the lush gardens of Tullyglass House Hotel, with photo opportunities near charming water features, ancient trees, and captivating structures.

For a more comprehensive search, explore other highly-rated venues. These include the grandeur of Leighinmohr House Hotel, the pampering experience offered by Corrick House Hotel and Spa, and the breathtaking scenery surrounding the Four Seasons Hotel, Spa and Leisure Club Carlingford.

Embrace contemporary chic at The Loft at The Rabbit Hotel or celebrate amidst the historic charm of Tullylagan Country House Hotel. The Bushmills Inn Hotel provides a location unlike any other, situated right next to the awe-inspiring Giant's Causeway stones.

Dreaming of a wedding infused with culinary delights? Belfast offers a stunning array of restaurant venues to suit your vision.

For a luxurious and sophisticated celebration, consider iconic landmarks like The Merchant Hotel, Deanes at Queens, AMPM Belfast, or the Titanic Hotel situated at the historic Harland and Wolf docks. Even the SS Nomadic, a retired tender ship to the RMS Titanic, offers a unique and unforgettable setting.

Seeking a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere? Charming pubs like Grace Neill's, The Treehouse, or Billy Andy's provide a rustic ambiance perfect for a casual and joyful celebration.

Top Belfast Restaurant Weddng Venues
Bride and Groom under a cherry tree

Luxurious South of Ireland Wedding Reception Venues

Luxurious South of Ireland Wedding Reception Venues

Fancy having your wedding in the Republic of Ireland?  Here's the cool thing about this list: these venues are all yours for the day, which means privacy, flexibility to get creative, and a personal touch. Plus, they offer both indoor and outdoor options, each with its own special charm to make your celebration epic.

Picture saying "I do" at a real-life castle (Bellingham Castle, anyone?), getting lost in gorgeous woods and lakes (Gloster House, hello!), or celebrating next to a stunning waterfall in the Irish countryside (Cliff at Lyons, we're seeing you!). This list has it all, no matter what kind of wedding you're dreaming of.

Go ahead, browse these amazing options and let your wedding planning adventure begin!

Whew! That was a lot of amazing venues to choose from, right? Now you've probably got a pretty good idea of what kind of place would be perfect for your big day. But the next step is capturing those memories in a way that makes you relive the magic every time you look at them.

That's where I come in! I'm Eamonn McColgan, a wedding photographer here in Northern Ireland (Treasure Box Photography, by the way). Whether you pick a fancy castle or a cozy little farmhouse, I'm all about turning your venue into the dream backdrop for your wedding photos. I like to keep things relaxed and focus on the real moments – the happy tears, the wild dance moves, all that good stuff.

Basically, let's make sure your photos are as awesome as your wedding day itself. So, if you're thinking "This guy gets it!" then get in touch and let's chat about how I can turn your wedding vision into photos you'll treasure forever.

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