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Success at the Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer of the Year Awards!

Updated: Mar 12

Elated doesn't even begin to describe it! On March 3rd 2024, I had the incredible honour of receiving an award in the Open Wedding Photographer of the Year category at the prestigious Professional Photographers Association of Northern Ireland (PPANI) annual awards.

This recognition is especially meaningful because the competition was fierce. Over 700 entries poured in from talented photographers across Northern Ireland – that's a testament to the thriving creative scene here! Unlike popularity contests, the judging process is rigorous. Specialist judges from outside the region meticulously examine each submission, ensuring a fair and objective evaluation.

In the Open Wedding Photographer category alone, nearly 200 photographers vied for the top spot. To place second amongst such a remarkable pool of talent is incredibly humbling.

This achievement wouldn't be possible without the amazing couples who trust me to capture their most precious day. Thank you for putting up with my creative (and sometimes admittedly daft) ideas! A huge thank you also goes to my family, especially my wonderful wife and fantastic kids, who have been my unwavering support system on this long and rewarding photographic journey.

To celebrate, I'm excited to share the photograph that received the highest marks from the judges: Natalie & Daniel's enchanting photo taken at the misty Rosspark Hotel.

Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer of the Year
Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer of the Year

Eamonn McColgan holding his winning photo and the award
Receiving my award at the PPANI Northern Ireland wedding photographer of the year awards


About The Professional Photographers Association of Northern Ireland (PPANI)

The PPANI is a professional organization established in 1966, specifically for supporting and promoting professional photographers in Northern Ireland. Here's a breakdown of their activities:

Core Objectives:

  • Promoting high standards:

  • The PPANI emphasizes maintaining a high level of quality within the photography industry. They achieve this by setting strict criteria for membership, ensuring members possess the necessary skills and experience.

  • Providing a support network:

  • The association fosters a sense of community among photographers. Members benefit from networking opportunities, allowing them to connect, share knowledge, and collaborate.

  • Quality assurance for clients:

  • By maintaining a high membership standard, the PPANI indirectly acts as a quality assurance body for clients seeking professional photographers. Hiring a PPANI member assures a certain level of competence and professionalism.


  • Competitions:

  • The PPANI organizes an annual "Photographer of the Year" award, recognizing excellence in various photographic disciplines. This event highlights the talent within the Northern Irish photography scene.

  • Membership benefits:

  • PPANI members gain access to various resources and development opportunities, including workshops, talks, and training sessions.

  • Industry advocacy:

  • The association potentially lobbies for the interests of professional photographers in Northern Ireland, aiming to address industry-related concerns and promote ethical practices.

Additional points:

  • Membership criteria:

  • Becoming a PPANI member involves demonstrating a commitment to professional photography, usually through a portfolio review process.

  • Openness:

  • While aiming for high standards, the PPANI welcomes applications from professional photographers across various specializations, including wedding, family, portrait, and landscape photography.

Overall, the PPANI acts as a central body for professional photographers in Northern Ireland, promoting excellence, offering support and resources, and potentially advocating for the industry's interests.

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