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Orange Tree House Greyabbey Wedding Venue

Updated: Jan 19

a bride and groom enjoying their wedding day at orange tree house
Orange Tree House Wedding

Hey, guess what? I just photographed the most amazing wedding and I have to tell you all about it! Sarah and Declan's Chinese wedding tea ceremony was something out of a fairytale. You know, it got me thinking - maybe every wedding should have a tea ceremony, because these people from the East really know how to appreciate a good cuppa. ☕

newlyweds walking back down the aisle
Orange Treehouse Wedding Venue

From the moment I arrived at Orange Tree House in Greyabbey, Newtownards, the atmosphere was just brimming with positivity. The venue itself was absolutely stunning, and the staff were so friendly and helpful. It really set the perfect tone for the day.

One of the most beautiful and personal touches of the wedding was that Sarah and Declan actually made their own wedding rings. Can you believe it? With a little guidance from the talented Tanya Ireland, they created these beautiful, one-of-a-kind symbols of their love. How special is that?

And let's not forget the food! Orange Tree House really outdid themselves with the mouthwatering dishes they served. I can still taste the deliciousness as I write this.

Bride and Groom first dance
Orange Treehouse Wedding Venue

Orange Tree House Greyabbey Wedding Venue
Orange Tree House Greyabbey Wedding Venue

As the day went on and the sun started to set, I managed to steal Sarah and Declan away for a quick photoshoot down by the shore. The light was just perfect, and it was such a magical moment for them to take in all the beauty of the day they had created.

Orange Treehouse Wedding at night

I also want to give a shoutout to some of the other amazing vendors who made this wedding possible. Sarah's brother did an incredible job on her hair, and the talented itsbubz worked her magic with the makeup. The logybear campervan hire provided the coolest transportation, and the cake made by Sarah's mom was absolutely scrumptious. The flowers from Lisabella were a feast for the eyes, and The Quirky Camper Booth provided some fun entertainment. And of course, a big thank you to the amazing celebrant, Mike McCann.

Well, that's it from me for now. I hope you enjoyed hearing about Sarah and Declan's special day as much as I enjoyed capturing it through my lens. If you're ever in need of a wedding photographer in Northern Ireland, you know who to call -! Seriously though, witnessing moments like these is what I live for as a photographer, and I feel so lucky to be able to do what I do. Stay tuned for more exciting wedding adventures!

Orange Tree House Greyabbey Wedding Venue

Venue: Orange Tree House Greyabbey

If you are hosting an event at Orange Tree House Greyabbey, a beautiful, private wedding venue by the sea, we have a couple of recommendations to make your experience even more delightful. Firstly, we suggest taking advantage of the stunning surroundings by incorporating outdoor activities into your event. Whether it is a picturesque coastal walk or a laid-back trip to Greyabbey Monastery Ruins, the attendees will undoubtedly appreciate the opportunity to bask in the tranquil atmosphere. Secondly, consider adding a touch of personalization to the venue by utilizing the venue's elegant interior design and incorporating personalized decorations or memorable photographs. This will create a warm and inviting ambiance that will leave lasting memories for all who attend.

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